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London and Its Passion for Sports

For many years now, London has ranked among the world‘s greatest sports cities. The English capital offers an abundance of modern sports facilities and it has hosted some of the biggest sports events, including Olympic games and various world championships. Many famous professional athletes have even relocated to London, attracted by the good training conditions and the many opportunities it offers. Among them are widely-known names like tennis player Andy Murray, pro golfer Nick Faldo and footballer Peter Crouch. Therefore, if you are a young and promising sportsman, you may consider moving to the UK capital. Still, do make sure you find an affordable house removal team in London, because the cost of living in the Big Smoke is quite high. Expensive or not, the capital certainly has plenty to offer not only to talented athletes, but also for sports fans in the United Kingdom and all over the world. Continue reading London and Its Passion for Sports

How to prep your belongings for a move with a small budget

The fact that you are moving on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you cannot properly pack and prepare your belongings for the move. Here are six tips that will allow you to correctly prep your possessions of your upcoming relocation.

  1. Use boxes that you have in your household

People tend to keep all kinds of boxes with the idea that they will need them some day and that day came when you decided to relocation to another house or flat. Also don’t hesitate to use old shoe boxes to pack smaller items such as trinkets, refrigerator magnets, cables, writing accessories and so on.

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Vans with the highest payload capacity

There are numerous types of moving vans on the market but they don’t have the same payload capacity. Here are some of the Lorries with the highest cargo ratings.

Iveco Daily

Iveco DailyThe Iveco Daily is a light commercial vehicles that has been in production since the late 1970s. The current version of the Lorrie is its sixth generation and it has been in production since 2014. The vehicle can with found with nine different types of engines (six Euro 5 engines and three Euro 6 engines). Since 2010, Iveco has also been producing an electric variation of the Daily. The vehicle can carry over four tonnes which explains why it is one of the favorite van of most man and van companies such as Shark’s Removals.

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